Verena in Portugal

Verena war 11 Monate in Portugal und hat in einem Kinderheim mitgeholfen. (Fast) jeden Monat hat sie einen Eintrag für den Facebook Blog ihrer Hostorganisation geschrieben.

Portugal, Dezembro de 2017

In December I visited my home in Austria for the first time since I am doing my EVS. Just a few days before I flew home I have been in sunny Arreia Branca at the beach and when I arrived in Austria, the “real” winter welcomed me. I love snow very much and I was so happy to get to see some. I spent Christmas with my family and I also spent New Years Eve in Austria with some of my closest friends. I felt like I really needed this to refill my batteries and to get new energy for the new year.

Portugal, Janeiro de 2018

When I came back to the portuguese winter, I kind of missed the snow, but also I looove this country for its warm and sunny weather all the time. So I walked a lot around and also visited some places like LX factory, Cascais or Sintra, which is a really beautiful place to see with its park, ruins and castle.
Unfortunately I had to go back earlier to Austria again as planned, as someone in my family died and I flew home again. Although this was a very tough time, it is good to know, that even as a volunteer you have an insurance, that helps you with the costs in such a case. Also I am really grateful how understanding and supportive my colleagues at work and the other volunteers were. I really found some good friends among them.

Portugal, Fevereiro de 2018

Even though I spent a lot of time from February not in Portugal, I managed to do a valentines post office for Valentines day in my working place, which my kids really liked. Since it is raining lately we also try to bring the spring inside the house and handcraft some spring decorations. I am really curious how the weather will be in March and April, as it is changing every few minutes right now and I always dress like an onion (enough layers for every type of weather).

Portugal, Março de 2018

In March we had the opportunity to participate in Futurália, an event for teenagers and young adults where they can inform themselves about their options for their future. It was really surprising for me how many teenagers we were talking to reacted in a “not interested” way and told us that they don’t want to go to any other countries. When I was their age all I could think about was where I should travel first. I think it is really important to show young adults which opportunities they have. I really believe that they are not “not interested” but just don’t receive enough informations at their schools what they could do in their futures.
At work we are preparing for easter with springdecorations and doing some acrobatic-stuff to regain our bikini-figures.

Portugal, Abril de 2018

This Month it was time to present our lovely little country Austria to the other volunteers. As I absolutely am not a big fan of cooking, that was quite a challenge. I cooked some traditional food for the very first time in my life and of course it didn’t turn out as I wanted, but who except us Austrians knows how it should taste like, right?!;P Good, that our colleagues from Croatia and Poland also prepared a lot of food.
Later this month we drove to a national park near Sintra/Cascais, where I immediately felt in love with the nature. The woods, lake and mountains reminded me so much of my home. The Guides from the national park showed us around and we could decide if we want to do a little bike tour or help them with foresting.
The weather is getting better and better now and at my workingplace we could even go out in the yard and play football sometimes. When it was raining again, we did some spring decorations, like painting stones.

Portugal, Maio de 2018

In May I got another visitor from Austria and we went to Óbidos by bus. It is a small medieval charming town with a castle. All the tiny streets and flowers everywhere make you believe, that you are just in a park and not in a town, where people are living.
On every corner you can buy the famous traditional liqueur Ginja de Óbidos, which is sour cherry liqueur served in a chocolate cup and very tasty.
At the end of the month I went together with two other volunteers to Sao Miguel, the main island of the Azores. The nature there is just incredible, I never saw so much different greens and blues in my life. There are different flowers and birds everywhere and I guess even more cows than humans on that island. We rented a car and tried to see as much as possible, like hot springs, clear lakes, pineapple farms, … in the short amount of time we had there, but I will go back there some time again for sure.

Portugal, Junho de 2018

Due to different reasons (health issues in family, some birthdays, a wedding,..) I spent a lot of time not in my hosting EVS country this June. Nevertheless did I enjoy the time I had in Portugal.
For instance is June the month, where parties called “arraials” are happening all over Lisbon. We even had our own Arraial at Casa Europa with a big stage, barbecue, sardines, sangria, etc. My favourite Arraial though was the “Lisboa Pride Arraial”, which was a very big LGBTIQ-Party at Terreiro do Paço. I never saw so many colourful interesting people on one place before, it was really amazing. At the same day I had my very first pole dance performance in front of an audience too and although I haven’t been more nervous in my entire life, it was such a great experience


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