Valter in Vienna

This project was really a breath of fresh air for me, comparing with the work I was doing before. I’m not saying that some problems didn’t occur but it was always much easier than my previous tasks.

Mainly my tasks were to help preparing the breakfast for the kids, helping in organizing the kids to any activity that we do with them (painting, singing, cutting some papers, etc.). Separating the kids when they started to fight with each other and also talking with them for this situations not to happen again. Assisting my colleagues in looking after the kids anytime we went outside to some parks with them (because most of the parks we go with them we need to take public transports, in witch we need to walk in a calm and organized manner with the kids to the respective Bus and U-Bahn stations, depending in where we would go). Preparing the lunch that the parents bring for them, in witch sometimes I have also to cook or just seasoning the salats or really the lunch itself. I also help preparing the bowls/plates, cups and jars for the kids to set up the tables for lunch. And also to clean the dishes and the kitchen after the lunch.

I can say that one special moment was when some of the kids started to come running to me to ask me for a piggy back ride and also to play with them and to clear some questions about some cars brands in which they were a little confused.

I learned a lot of Deutsch working with the kids, I can really say that they were a huge help to learn the language, to get by well this first time in Austria, it still is a language that I need to learn a lot, but it was much easier after I started learning with them. Also I learn a lot about interacting with the kids witch was a thing that I did not do for 15 years, so I think it’s normal that some troubles and questions appear while working with the kids.

As tips for the next volunteers to come and work with kids, I can say to be sharp and quick to see who are the more problematic kids. It’s always good to be proactive and  to come up with activities and games to keep everybody busy or interested in something for them to behave better and to learn while they play it’s important for kids of this age. Also try to help to solve their problems and conflicts in the best way possible, always ask for advice in your colleagues, they have a lot of experience with good and also problematic kids.

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