Tereza in Wien

Within network European voluntary service I have participated in a project of alternative school Ätsch  in Vienna, volunteering with kids from first to fourth grade. Intention of my application was to meet new working community and alternative approaches in education. School where I volunteered includes 20 children from six to ten years. Organization of school takes great emphasis on developing childrens potential in education process. With coordination and help of two teachers, and support of parents, children are being thought how to creatively and indenpendently discover and learn the world and them selves. The role of volunteer is to support everyday school activities, such as preparing technical materials for learning, helping children in everyday activities and parents in their contribution with meals every day. As a volunteer I have organized few workshops for kids, such as sport activities: circus workshop on building „human pyramides“, and other sport activities during physical classes. Other were creative workshops on specific subjects, such as: creating Vienna Bezirk puzzle, learning Croatian for kids, making Christmas cards, origami workshops etc. A lot of individual and group work with children encouraged me in developing creative methods. Except being part of the school, EVS introduced me in the city of Vienna as cultural, historical and very interesting place to live, full of green areas and parks where people spent free time, lot of bicycle roads and more. Great part of living in Vienna was meeting other volunteers and non-volunteers from all over the world, singing in a quire, learning German language  what helped me in everyday life and communicating with chilkdren in school. With all positive and new experiences, EVS was a challenge. And very creative period!




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