Putri in Klosterneuburg

„Being here in Austria and being in touch with the culture directly get me more understanding of diversity and more open-minded thoughts as well. That culture is not only what we see outside, but also what is deep down inside; it is not only about how people are dressed, but also about attitudes, moral values, and even manners toward others. Of course, it is completely different from the culture in my home country, but it doesn’t mean that it’s bad. On the contrary, I could see more things from another angle of perspective, and get more understanding about them. It changes me about how I see the world, that sometimes we just have to see and listen more before judging and putting any label on someone or something we don’t know yet.“

Putri aus Indonesien  war acht Monate Freiwillige bei Wohnheim St. Martin im Rahmen des Projekts “Skills and Competences for a Global World”.

Für den 47. Newsletter der ICYE Federation hat sie einen Bericht über ihre Erfahrungen geschrieben. Den ganzen Bericht könnt‘ ihr hier nachlesen.

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