Jasmina aus Mazedonien in St.Pölten

jasmina gruppe Kopie

Feed the personality through improving the society

Never enough learning, never enough exploring, eager to face challenges, with an abiding desire for traveling, the next destination was easily chosen. Let’s improve the German, let’s try to live by Austrian standards – St. Pölten wait for me.

After nine months of unexpected huge change of my life, I feel very glad that I fulfilled my desire for volunteering, even after six years of waiting for it.
Hundreds of new people met, as places visited, uncountable, high valuable of new things learnt, millions of moments of joy and satisfaction experienced. Simply confirmed that travelling, meeting people from all around the world and constant challenging yourself, strengthen your personality, build your attitude, bring you lot of skills.
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Wonderful and unforgettable life experience from every aspect, and indispensable period of time for every youngster.


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