Ecem in Wien

I take a baguette from the Bakery and I go to Teddybear in every morning. When I got through the door, I felt like I was in my home. Teddybear, A cute utopia of 14 children, 2 pedagogues and parents.

For me. I will remember with love. My home in Vienna. It taught me a lot. My tasks, were to spend a lot of time with children and to help pedagogues I worked with. However, spending more time with children is the most important. Playing games, painting, singing, reading books, talking about my culture. A special moment, every moment was very special. It’s hard to choose a special moment. I was always very surprised and happy. But when we heard, there was something we all smiled. I draw the same picture hundreds of time. That’s enough to say: Die Ecem, İch mag Ein ballerinaaaa. When I say good bye to the children, they draw and present me a ballerina with my favourite color. That was very special for me.  What I learned, Working with children teaches the balance. You should be very slow at the same time too fast. Be patient. You’re learning team work. Children sometimes do it better in adults. Be practical and think more creative.

For future volunteers, being “volunteer” already is to be willing and devotion. Do your best for everything. Soul and personality are nourished. But the best thing I have learned is that I will be more disciplined about time right now. In every sense. Enjoy it. Everyday you will learn new wonderful things.



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