21.06.2015 – Grilling & Chilling on the Donauinsel

On Sunday the 21st of June we are ‘grilling and chilling’ on the Donauinsel. Grenzenlos (thanks to Anita Klemenjak;) has reserved a barbecue spot on the Donauinsel from 12 o’clock till open end 😉 We are going to meet at ‘Grillplatz’ number 11, which is 500 m from the Donaustadtbrück (U2) Donaumarina – see map.

Grenzenlos provides coals, dishes, cutlery, bread, sauces, vegetables, garbage bags etc. but please bring your own meat, cheese, blankets and drinks. Maybe someone has an MP3 player and speakers with battery so we can have some music as well.

Let’s enjoy the sun and fun outside!!Please let me know if you are coming so we can calculate the food etc.!

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