SASID – Humanitarian Aid 2024 – 2025

“SASID- Solidarity Action for sustainable and inclusive development” is a project that aims at strengthening the capacity and resilience of vulnerable or disaster affected communities outside the EU by engaging young European volunteers in relief, rehabilitation and sustainable development activities.  The volunteers and locals will work together on community activities to enhance inclusion, promote environment and climate action and foster long-term sustainable development. The project activities offer a combination of meaningful community-based volunteering activities in the humanitarian aid field and intercultural education programme.

Who can participate? Anyone between the age of 18 and 35 who is living in EU Member State or in a third country associated to the Programme (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Türkiye and North Macedonia) can participate.

Our Focus on inclusion: Any youngsters, no matter their background or current situation, are welcome to participate in the project. We aim to involve as many participants as possible who face economic, cultural, social, physical or other barriers or are disadvantaged in other ways. In fact, youngsters who have fewer opportunities because they face barriers are prioritized and given special support in this program. Here we have allocated financial support to cover costs for specific needs or participants experiencing fewer opportunities. Applicants with fewer opportunities will have priority in the selection process. In case you are interested – please contact us. Together we will find solutions for possible barriers and a suitable placement!  

Where can you participate?





Duration: 10 months  

Departure dates: either in September 2024 or in September 2025.   

What is covered?   

Humanitarian Aid Volunteering of the ESC is an EU funded program which fully covers your travel, board and lodging, volunteering activities, support and an accompanying learning programme. While travelling and living abroad you are covered by complementary insurance and have access to linguistic support so you can learn the language spoken in the project and community. Your basic costs will be covered (your travel to and from the project, accommodation and food). You’ll also receive a small allowance for personal expenses (pocket money). If you have specific needs (e.g. a disability), these costs may also be covered.  

Which organisations are involved? Grenzenlos is the support organization that helps you with the application process, logistics and provides preparation. There are other support organisations that are involved in this project as well: ICJA (ICJA Freiwilligenaustausch weltweit e.V.) and PI Youth Association (Pi Youth Associaton – Activates The Potential (

Outside Europe there are the local partners = the partner organization for logistics and support as well as the host organization where you will do your daily work (is full-time between 30 and 38 hours a week).  

Contact Grenzenlos

Phone: +43 (1) 315 76 36


How to apply for 2024?

  1. You should be already registered on the portal of the European Solidarity Corps and have completed the self-assessment as well as online and face-to-face training. 
  2. You can apply for our volunteering opportunity. Please create a personal account for this purpose. After logging in to the online portal on the ICJA website, select the desired starting date under Humanitarian Aid Volunteering and complete the application step by step.
  3. We will then review your application documents and you will be contacted by us. You will go through an interview process with the support organization (Grenzenlos). The partner organization will be involved in the selection process.

How to apply for 2025?

Volunteers interested in joining the program must:

  1. Register on the portal of the European Solidarity Corps in the Humanitarian Aid Training section. You will then complete a self-assessment as well as online and face-to-face training. 
  2. Once you have successfully completed the programme, you can apply for out volunteering opportunity. Please create a personal account for this purpose. After logging in to the online portal on the ICJA website, select the desired starting date under Humanitarian Aid Volunteering and complete the application step by step.
  3. We will then review your application documents and you will be contacted by us. Wou will go through an interview process with the sending organization (Grenzenlos). The partner organization will be involved in the selection process.

For more information about the project and the online/in presence training please visit humanitarian aid

Description of host organisations:

Volunteering Opportunity in Umbúntu – Brazil

Join ICYE Brazil in the SASID Project, a Humanitarian Aid ESC initiative, as we embark on a journey to make a meaningful impact in Alvorada City, Brazil. At Umbúntu, we’ve cultivated a vibrant community hub that serves multiple purposes. From hosting workshops on unconventional edible plants processing and handicraft classes to fostering cultural exchanges through capoeira, percussion, and language teaching, our space is a beacon of learning and empowerment. 


  • As a volunteer, you’ll actively engage in these workshops, leading activities with a non-formal education approach. Through this hands-on involvement, you’ll not only impart knowledge but also cultivate invaluable skills, attitudes, and behaviours that contribute to a rich intercultural learning experience.  
  • You will also have a hands-on experience in environmentally sustainable practices by participating in farming, permaculture gardening, construction, and other manual activities of our project.  

Our project is rooted in promoting environmentally sustainable and responsible behaviour. With this ethos in mind, you’ll be tasked with designing activities that align with an eco-friendly approach. By incorporating elements of environmental awareness into our workshops, we aim to spark conversations about climate change, encourage critical discourse on environmental issues, and inspire action at the grassroots level. Together, we’ll brainstorm and implement greener alternatives, fostering a collective commitment to sustainability. 

This is more than just a volunteering opportunity; it’s a chance to make a tangible difference while immersing yourself in a new culture, forging lifelong connections, and honing your skills. Join us in the pursuit of solidarity and lobal citizenship as we strive to create positive change in communities beyond borders. Apply now and embark on a transformative journey with ICYE Brazil. 

Accommodation: Local host families to accommodate volunteers. These families will provide a comfortable living environment equipped with essential amenities, including hot and cold water, Wi-Fi, and access to laundry facilities. Volunteers will have both private and communal spaces to share with their host families, fostering meaningful connections and cultural exchange. 

Food: Throughout the week, volunteers will enjoy breakfast and dinner provided by their host families, while lunch and snacks will be offered by the project. During weekends, all meals will be provided by the host families, allowing volunteers to experience authentic local cuisine and hospitality. Moreover, as part of the Umbúntu project’s focus on organic produce, volunteers will have access to fresh and healthy food options, further enhancing their well-being during their stay. 

Transportation: To facilitate transportation to and from the project site, local transportation arrangements will be made for volunteers. Depending on their location, transportation options may include local bus services or rideshare platforms like Uber, both of which are readily available and efficient in the city of Alvorada. 

Participants profile

We seek individuals who embody open-mindedness, passion, dedication, and motivation to collaborate with underserved communities. Ideal candidates are enthusiastic about engaging with children and have a keen interest in urban gardening, agroforestry, and bioconstruction. While fulfilling assigned tasks, volunteers should demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness, actively seeking opportunities to enhance project outcomes through their contributions. Proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese is advantageous, although not mandatory.

Volunteering Opportunity in Asikuma – Ghana

Venture into the heart of Asikuma, a community nestled in the Duakwa town area of the Central Region of Ghana. Here, amidst a backdrop of rich cultural heritage and a strong sense of community, you’ll find opportunities to leave a lasting impact.  

Your journey as a volunteer in Asikuma will encompass a diverse range of activities, tailored to match your skills and interests: 

  1. Assisting with Healthcare: Utilize your medical or healthcare expertise to provide much-needed care and health education to the local community, alongside local professionals. 
  2. Teaching and Tutoring: Share your knowledge and skills as you assist local teachers in educating the youth of Asikuma, helping to shape a brighter future. 
  3. Supporting Community Development: Contribute to infrastructure projects, sustainable agriculture, and environmental conservation efforts, laying the groundwork for long-term growth. 
  4. Providing Language Support: Bridge communication barriers by teaching English or facilitating translations, ensuring essential information reaches the community. 
  5. Assisting with Youth Programs: Engage in after-school activities, summer camps, and mentorship programs, fostering positive role models and promoting healthy development. 
  6. Supporting Capacity Building: Collaborate with local organizations to strengthen their skills and abilities, empowering them to address community needs effectively. 
  7. Conducting Research: Apply your research expertise to gain insights into community challenges, guiding future development initiatives. 

Your presence in Asikuma will not only contribute to immediate relief and recovery efforts but also foster long-term resilience and inclusive development. Through your dedication, you’ll empower local communities, enhance healthcare and education, and promote cultural exchange. Your impact extends beyond Asikuma, influencing the wider region by improving quality of life, fostering community engagement, and nurturing sustainable development.  

On Accommodation: We’ve ensured that all volunteers are provided with comfortable accommodation, with each volunteer having their own separate room. Our accommodations are conveniently located within walking distance to the project site, ensuring a short commute of approximately 15 minutes. Meals will be provided for volunteers, courtesy of the project in collaboration with ICYE Ghana, allowing volunteers to focus on their work without worrying about food arrangements. Living alongside fellow volunteers, both local and foreign, offers a unique opportunity for integration into the community.

Participants profile: We seek enthusiastic individuals committed to fostering youth development, education, healthcare, and inclusivity. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a deep-seated belief in the principles of equal access to education, the transformative power of skills development, the dismantling of gender stereotypes, the creation of safe environments, and the significance of mentorship and positive role models. We embrace diversity and warmly welcome applicants from all walks of life.

Volunteering Opportunity in Makoko – Nigeria

Join us in Makoko Community with ICYE Nigeria to contribute to mitigation and adaptation strategies against prevalent health challenges like malaria, respiratory diseases, and malnutrition. Our volunteering activities aim to benefit both individuals and communities, fostering resilience and positive change.  

Considering rising radical views and xenophobic sentiments in many European countries, involvement in humanitarian aid activities abroad offers volunteers valuable intercultural experiences. Additionally, this project promotes international cooperation, spreads European values, and encourages active citizenship among young people, emphasizing freedom, tolerance, and non-discrimination through education. 

Volunteers will engage in various tasks essential to community development: 

  1. Education: Assist as teachers at a community-based free school in Bariga, providing tutoring and mentoring support. 
  2. Healthcare: Work in local health clinics to provide healthcare services, education, and prevention initiatives, addressing prevalent health challenges in Makoko. 
  3. Environmental Conservation: Participate in projects like waterway cleanup, tree planting, and promoting sustainable practices. 
  4. Administration: Support administrative tasks and fundraising efforts for community and school projects, including collecting resources like books and toys. 
  5. Infrastructure: Contribute to infrastructural projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for community members. 
  6. Economic Empowerment: Engage in initiatives such as skills training, job placements, or microfinance projects to promote economic empowerment. 

The mission of Hope for HIV/AIDS in Makoko Community is to bring immediate and lasting change to the lives of the underprivileged and marginalized. Through multi-sector development interventions and innovative technological initiatives, the organization empowers individuals and builds community capacity, guided by the principles of participation and sustainability. As a volunteer, you’ll have the opportunity to select from various working areas based on your interests and skills. Join us in making a difference in the lives of those in need, while gaining invaluable experiences and contributing to positive change in the world. Apply now and be a part of something meaningful.

Accommodation: host families or in Serviced Apartments.

Food: During their stay, volunteers will have meals provided either by their host family and the project/workplace or through a food allowance, ensuring their nutritional needs are met while focusing on their volunteer duties.

Transportation: While in Lagos, volunteers will enjoy the convenience of transportation arranged by their mentors, ensuring daily commute to the project community and back to their accommodation. 

Participants profile:

Our volunteers are driven by a profound passion for environmental causes and a keen eagerness to make a meaningful difference in conservation efforts across Nigeria. Their commitment extends beyond mere participation; they aspire to leave a positive imprint on local communities and ecosystems alike.  With an unwavering dedication to learning and a collaborative spirit, they eagerly seek opportunities to engage with fellow participants and local stakeholders, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise.  

Volunteering Opportunity in Hanoi – Vietnam

As a volunteer, you’ll engage in a variety of tasks designed to aid communities and promote sustainability. Collaborating with the local partner Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) in Hanoi, you’ll facilitate educational activities to raise environmental awareness and combat climate change, as well as other sustainable development topics. These activities include teaching languages, hosting interactive discussions, and implementing green practices. 

Working alongside local staff and volunteers, you’ll engage in and lead diverse activities such as social animation, educational workshops, and organizing seminars on crucial topics like nutrition, environmental management, and active citizenship for local children and youth. 

Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to: 

  • Learn new techniques applicable to community development.
  • Create informational material on green practices and sustainable development.
  • Immerse yourself in Vietnamese culture, fostering deep intercultural understanding and empathy.

As a Volunteer for Development (VD), you’ll lead non-formal education initiatives addressing social, educational, and environmental challenges. Through these activities, you’ll empower youth from diverse backgrounds, build awareness of climate change, and support disadvantaged communities.

Accommodation: Volunteers participating in this programme will be accommodated in twin rooms equipped with air conditioning for summer comfort, hot water for winter showers, and essential amenities such as Wi-Fi and fans. Volunteers will have access to shared kitchen facilities, communal spaces, and bathrooms shared with fellow volunteers. The accommodation is situated in a tranquil, non-touristic area of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city.

Food: As part of the package, volunteers will receive three nutritious meals per day for six days a week.

Transportation: they volunteers will be provided with a complimentary monthly bus pass, facilitating convenient travel for both work and leisure purposes within the city. 

Participants profile:

We’re seeking volunteers who embody traits of friendliness, positivity, empathy, and open-mindedness. Flexibility and creativity are essential, along with strong training and facilitation abilities. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills are a must, and proficiency in video-making and photography is highly valued. 

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